Know More About Different Types of Outdoor Backpacking

If you look around, you will be able to find different types of backpacks. Most of these backpacks are not created equally. There are basic backpacks, which will simply carry the books to school and backpacks, which are capable of handling extreme elements for outdoor camping. Some backpacks are designed to hold specialized equipment like mp3 players or laptops. Therefore, if you are interested to know more about outdoor backpacking, you are in the right place.
Below listed are some of the different types of outdoor backpacks available in the market today:

External Frame Backpacks:

External frame backpacking backpacks are backpacks that have the support structure of the backpack on the outside of the backpack. These packs are good for heavy loads, and flat hiking. They are not the best for very long distance travel, but work great if you are carrying a lot of equipment.
Internal Frame Backpacks:

Internal frame backpacks are much more lightweight and more easily maneuverable. The frame of the pack is on the inside, and there is ample storage for all your gear. These packs are great for long extended adventures into the backcountry. The only downfall is that you can really store much gear on the outside of the pack, thus reducing your load capacity. So just bring the essentials and have a good time.

Rolling Backpacks:

As backpacks with wheels are not new, every year we see less and less like backpacks and suitcases with wheels and have more elegant features. With the new backpacks with telescopic handles and wheels are made to be less noticeable when they are in use. Nevertheless, when the students will walk to schools, these backpacks keep the tension of a heavy backpack for children.

Laptop Backpacks:

As more and more students, especially secondary school and university students have begun to take their laptops with them to school; new styles of backpacks have emerged that are designed to carry a laptop safely. When searching for a laptop bag, the final form must follow function. As there are different types of laptop backpacks in the market today, you will be able to opt for the one definitely, which suits your requirements. A laptop backpack should be able to first keep your computer safe, and look fashionable. Fortunately, it is difficult to find one that does both.

Laptop bags should be well padded to absorb the shock of the backpack should fall to the ground while the computer is inside. Higher quality of backpacks also has a separate sleeve Padded laptop slip before putting it in the backpack. You must also have enough storage space for cables and other computer accessories, books and a student. The backpack itself should be light due to the addition of the laptop can increase their weight significantly.

Gadget Backpacks:

A backpack that is designed for carrying the mp3 players basically have a particular compartment for device and a hole in front of the compartment to allow the headphone cord out of the bag. This allows the user to listen to his music while in the backpack. There are some backpacks, which are available with mp3 speakers, which will help other to listen to the music played.

Backpacks that are designed to carry equipment such as portable gaming systems also have compartments to keep systems and a variety of cartridges. Often, a backpack is designed to support both mp3 players and gaming systems. If you are a student who is planning to carry a gadget bag, it is very important to ensure that there is ample room for books and other school supplies and magazines right for their gadgets.


Many studies have been conducted on the effects of backpacks on the back, and most studies say that young students need a backpack designed to fit. That means more lightweight and small backpacks should be used for students from kindergarten to high school somewhere depending on the size of the student. In recent years, many backpacks are designed with this in mind, and now you can get backpacks in a variety of sizes. Some of these smaller bags also come with designs that the interest of younger students such as cartoon characters, television and music personalities or camouflage. These backpacks are designed to carry only the basics such as books and pencils.

Sports backpacks:

Currently, there are backpacks, which are mainly designed to carry sports utilities for the students. For example, a backpack that is designed for a student who plays football can have a large mesh pocket in front to hold a soccer ball clay. You can also have a section of ventilation to place tacos and socks. There are also some backpacks available in the market, which are specially designed to carry the baseball bats and gloves and designed to carry the basketball team. For most of the sports that a student can play, there has been a backpack designed to help carry the team.

The above mentioned are some of the outdoor backpacking available in the market today.

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Benefits of the Swiss Gear Backpack That You Will Enjoy

Swiss Gear has been making quality backpack for many years now which are built to accommodate the lifestyle and needs of any individual. These bags are very versatile and are perfect whether you plan to use them for business purposes or if you need them to carry your books for lectures. The following are just some of the additional benefits you will enjoy with a Swiss Gear backpack.Perhaps one of the best features that make these backpacks an excellent choice is the quality in which they are made as they are built to be reliable and durable. Most models are also built with water proof components that help to ensure that the insides are kept dry. This is rather beneficial as the last thing you would want is for your books or your laptop to get wet as this could cause damage to them.There are also those bags that are able to securely strap your notebook computer in place while also providing sufficient padding to ensure that it is well protected. No matter which Swiss Gear backpack you purchase, these usually come with several pockets. These quick access compartments are rather convenient if you want to keep your accessories separate from your books or laptop.Before you buy one of these for yourself, just be sure to take the size into consideration which will obviously depend on your needs. Most models are able to accommodate 15 inch widescreen laptops and there are those that are able to fit 17 inch notebooks. So if you plan on carrying your computer with you, just be sure that you choose the correct size accordingly.Reading product reviews online will definitely help you with your purchase so you know exactly what to expect rather than just settling down on the first one you see. The number of compartments will also vary depending on which one you choose but most allow for easy access to these pockets. This is rather beneficial for numerous reasons as you can carry a lot more accessories with you.Perhaps the best part about these backpacks is that they are very much affordable and can easily last for several years without having to be replaced. With that said, your purchase is backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer which just goes to show the company’s commitment to delivering quality products. While some of these bags might be pricey, they are definitely worth the investment.

Backpacking Information on Tajikistan

TAJIKISTANPopulation: 6.3 million (UN, 2005)
Capital: Dushanbe
Area: 143,100 sq km (55,251 sq miles)
Major languages: Tajik, Uzbek, Russian
Major religion: Islam
Life expectancy: 61 years (men), 66 years (women) (UN)
Monetary unit: 1 Tajik somoni = 100 dirams
Republic of Tajikistan is Central Asian territory known more for its remoteness, seclusion, and inaccessibility to travellers than its land marvels. As such, it is one of the few landlocked countries in Central Asia we know very little of. Tajikistan is vital to the world for their production of cotton. However, if truth be told, Tajikistan is also the crucial element to the Euro-Asia drug trade as Afghanistan’s first stop for smuggling drugs to Europe and Russia.The country has a brutally bloodstained past, but optimism slowly inches the nation to the future. After a death count of around 50,000 in the civil war of 1990 that made it the bloodiest corner of former Soviet, the present atmosphere of Tajikistan is rather peaceful and holds immense potential for tourism. Since that harshly violent time of the civil, nothing much has changed though. The republic remains the poorest country in Central Asia as the nation attempts to move on with their daily lives, incompetent and incapable still for full independence from Russia’s control from which they derive financial and military backing.GEOGRAPHY & CLIMATETajikistan, 39 00 N, 71 00 E, is Central Asia’s smallest country (by area), with the distinctively rugged mountainous ranges of the Pamir and Alay intensely veiling its terrain. The undulating facade of this mountainous republic hailed the country the “roof of the world” with more than half its entire terrain of 143,100 km2 at 3,000 metres above sea level. So high, the country almost embraces the skies with its highest altitude 7,495 metres credited to the Qullai Ismoili Somoni, whereas the lowest elevation, at 300 metres above sea level, the Syr Darya. There are also the plush Fergana Valley to the north and Kofarnihon and Vakhsh in the south. The mountainous regions have the cold semi-arid climate with snow-capped peaks the whole year round. The country endures roasting hot summers with temperatures of up to 100 °F, and mild cooling winters with temperatures plummeting to a low of -40°F.PEOPLE & CULTUREThe most exciting and interesting part of the trip to this young, almost newly instituted nation are meeting and knowing the people, the Tajikistanis. Since its declared independence from the Soviet in 1991, not much in the country has changed. The nation constituted by the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Russians, and Kyrgyz peoples still cling to Soviet ideologies, incompletely able to stand alone, much like their dependence on Islam, the religion of the state, which has had a perpetuating hold on their society for over 2,000 years hence. Sunnis are the majority, while only 5% forms Shia. One cannot overstate the tense tense religious atmosphere in these parts, and with immense adherence to Islamic traditions, Christians are a minority. TAJIK is the official language of Tajikistan spoken by a huge percentage of the 7,349,145 population, and RUSSIAN, like Tajik is generally spoken and used in government and business.FOOD & ATTRACTIONA good life is quite a hard concept to realize for the Tajikistanis. Units in college and good grades mean cotton farming 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 100 kilos of harvest, respectively. but small programs are being launched to help the nation improve its quality of life. Being in Tajikistan is a moving and exciting adventure of a lifetime for the traveller because of the magnanimous locals who treat their guests as rare and fragile jewels. The locals of Pamir offer a certain special hospitality that their modest lifestyle can offer, even at the checkpoints, but it takes a 16-hour utterly painful and literally mind-boggling drive in the underdeveloped roads from Dushanbe, all the way up to Pamir, but it is heck worth it. Dushanbe, the capital, is the most beautiful Central Asian city, despite poverty of the Tajikistanis.The Pamir range is eye candy and by itself will take your breath away, not by thinned out oxygen that comes with its towering altitudes, but with its extra special views high above the skies that Hindu Kush appears too close at times. Wakhan Valley to the South is the site for the Silk Trade route for centuries, and this is apparent with archaeological bits and pieces sprinkled over the land, such as Buddhist wats, Islamic mausoleums, hermit caves, petroglyphs, and forts from the 3 B.C. Besides the resplendent natural scenery, there is of course, the food.As the traveller will have had his fill of the eye delights of the majestically mountainous country, one must not neglect one’s hunger, and Tajik local hospitality will ensure the traveller of a table piled high of bread, dishes, and confections. Sitting on topchans out in the cool breeze under the shady with all the good stuff, there can absolutely be no way to enjoy a lunch as this. First served is tpakkshak, a noodle soup appetizer dressed in minced herbs, followed by the national dish, plov. Yes! It’s that same rice-based plov with all the fixings ubiquitous to Central Asia and somehow similar to the preparation of the Spanish rice dish paella or valenciana, or even risotto, but belongs to another palette category. In Uzbekistan, plov is cooked with raisins and chickpeas. In Kyrgyzstan, plov is prepared consistently with mutton, whilst in Tajikistan, its simple accompaniments are rice, onions, carrots, beef or mutton, cumin, and more cumin. Otala is also a noodle dish accompanied by beef and chickpeas with less soup content. And as a gastronomic norm, the meal is ended with some refreshing fruits such as watermelon, or sweet candies.For some reason, perhaps of religious tradition, women in Central Asia are rarely seen in public. In the presence of guests, women are pocketed in the kitchen, while men do all the entertaining and hosting. The youngest girl in the family is the universal server. So if you enjoy a man’s company, you’ll surely enjoy a Tajik meal. Time won’t take too long before Tajikistan basks with a new reputation as Central Asia’s most exciting country-the place to be says most that have been here. Travel is no fuss with a organized visa and (proof of) accommodation. For the moment, Tajikistan’s charms appeals to travellers with the luxury of travel-and-error to boot.For more valuable travel information on backpacking and various destinations throughout the world please visit http://www.backpackingaddictz.comEmail: [email protected]
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